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doing business in USA

Specializing in International Taxation and Tax Planning for Corporations, LLC Partnerships, with Foreign Shareholders, Partners, and Foreign Individual Investors. 


be successful internationally 

Specializing in Tax Planning and Tax compliance for U.S. companies and Individual Investors doing business internationally. 


USBITS located in San Diego, California. Our company offers professional international tax solutions to both businesses and individuals. We offer our services locally and to the clients in other states and in other countries. If you do business internationally, receive income from real estate investments in different countries, have foreign shareholders in your corporation or LLC members, or thinking about doing business in a different country or, if you are a nonresident  and would like to do business or invest in the United States, you should consider meeting with us before you do it. We help you to structure your business and advise on potential tax consequences comparing different options. We are hands on consultants and treat our clients as family.  We speak English, Russian, Japanese.

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